This collection of talks ranges from Essentuki in 1917 to New York in 1930. They were compiled and edited from rough notes made by pupils. There are two other collections, one the Gurdjieff Talks put out by the Studio and the other, more recent one, edited and arranged by Stephen Grant under the title Search for Being.

A review of the book by Robert de Ropp (1981) is The Authentic Voice of G. I. Gurdjieff

In this series of recordings I have used the original published text, but with the talks arranged in chronological order. These are lectures or talks and not literary compositions.

They fall into four main periods and locations.

Essentuki 1917-18

Europe 1921-22, including Berlin, London and Paris

Prieure 1922-23

New York/USA 1924 to 1930

I have added some talks from the Book Studio collection Gurdjieff's Early Talks. These include

Vaugirard, Paris maybe 1922, dictated - about the origins of the Institute

Meaning of Life, also known as 'Pure and Impure Emotions', or 'Connaisance'

Ectsasy of Revelation, written on the completion of Beelzebub's Tales

Also some snippets on the Movements, Hypnotism and Tricks.

The collection I record ends with two fascinating talks as yet unpublished anywhere, one on Narcotics and the other a fierce summary of his psychology, as compelling as it ever was.

Essentuki 1912



At the Prieure

Hello New York